Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't hide in your winter coat!

Uh oh guess what's coming? Winter, the season we are tempted not to exercise any more cause its too cold out and you don't want to get out and walk or go to the gym.The season we are most tempted to stay inside. Get out the stretch pants and vegitate on the couch like the potatoes we really are. Mmmmmm hot cocoa sounds perfect and don't forget the mini marshmellows. We eat all winter and gain the weight that we are going to have to lose come spring for the summer season. Hey, in that winter coat no one can really tell i'm gaining weight! Lets not do it this yr and lets not wait for new years to make that resloution that we never keep anyway.By the time new yrs comes we have already packed on the pounds from thanksgiving,christmas,channukkah and kwanza. When it comes to eating on the holidays i take on everyones religion! Lets get it right this time. The first two yrs after my gastric bypass surgery i did not do the holidays because i was not confident i could handle it. It took a few years in recovery to go back to the tables(sounds like i'm going to vegas) lol! Break the cycle you can do it! Don't tell me you can't do away with the holidays one year to get a lifetime of happiness! If you must do the holidays prepare ahead of time or i'm telling you now you are doomed. In my upcoming blogs i will be talking about healthy subsitutions and new behaviors. TO MY VOW I HOLD TRUE I WILL NOT GO BACK! happy holidays to one and all.... stacey