Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, New Promises, New Lie…

Are we going to lie to ourselves yet one more year by telling ourselves that this is the year we’ll lose our weight? Each year at the stroke of midnight I’d tell myself that my new life would begin. The ball would drop and then I’d say, “Well tomorrow morning could be the start of my new day.” Morning would come, and before you knew it (as I’m picking at the leftovers), I’m telling myself I’ll begin on the 5th… then the 10th… and so the lie begins. Let’s be truthful this year and set realistic goals. If you have a single thought telling you that you can do it on your own… well that’s the biggest lie of all!

The next lie I told myself was that going to a shrink or eating healthy foods was too expensive (at the time I was on SSI). If you’re real honest with yourself about what kind of money you spend on your binge foods, then you’ll come to realize you’ve also found your pot of gold! Just for the record, for those of you who have written to me over and over about how expensive it is to make diet meals, I say it’s time to look at the truth! When you add it all up at the end, protein foods like chicken and turkey, your vegetables and fruits do not cost as much as what is spent on your other groceries and binge foods. Finding a support team is the most important thing you can do. It might be a friend or friends that you can share what you’re going through with, a therapist to deal with the issues that make you eat in the first place, or going to online support groups. For those of you who don’t know, many of these groups do take insurances, even Medicaid!

I also want to recommend something that helps keep me motivated. I faithfully watch the show “The Biggest Loser”. The season premier began Jan. 1st, so if you missed it, please tune in next Tuesday night on NBC. Watching people change their lives is very motivating to me; in fact, I have a ritual that I do for health reasons. I’m supposed to drink 100 oz. of water a day which I have so much trouble getting down, so every Tuesday I drink huge amounts of water while watching The Biggest Loser. I do not agree 100% with everything on the show, for instance: how much they focus on the numbers on the scale. But man! Seeing them lose that weight and all the exercise they do makes me motivated! For you it may not be water, so how about you agree to exercise during all the commercials? Watching that show is free, try it!

I wish you all the happiest New Year ever and for this to be your year of stopping the lies. “To my vow I hold true, I will not go back!”

With Love and faith of losing to win!