Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Emotions du jour

It is so important that we recognize which emotions come up for us that might be a trigger to our overeating. There are so many emotions, and we must become very familiar with the ones that push our buttons. Those emotions are red flags; warning signs that we must take action now or we will find ourselves head first in the food.

My emotion du jour for this week has been PRESSURE! I felt it from all angles: friends, family, business, personal — you name it, I found myself looking in the fridge and chewing more than necessary. This is a trigger for me; I start to feel pressure because I want so badly to please everybody, which is an impossible task. This is called "people pleasing": I want everybody to be happy and in the process, I forget about myself and my own happiness. Can you relate?

Today I am going to take very good care of myself, I am going to take a deep breath and a long walk with my dog and realize I am doing the best I can. Remember, lots of us use food as a coping mechanism to deal with life and all its emotions. So when we get well, the world is really like a new place to us and we learn almost like a baby how to handle all these emotions for the first time, all the emotions we used to eat over so we didn't have to face problems. Nothing in life, no PERSON, PLACE, or THING, is worth throwing it all away for. Nothing is more important than your own health and recovery.

On a different and exciting note, I'm heading to Dallas on Saturday to speak in front of some very important people about the [Our Resolution] campaign. I will be addressing bariatric nurses, diabetes educators, mental health professionals, you name it! Once again I will get a chance to speak on behalf of Covidien's campaign. I’ll get to tell the medical community all the things that are important to us patients and help spread the word about how my diabetes was resolved after bariatric surgery. I'll let you know how it goes.

Until then, make sure you start recognizing you emotions du jour!

With love and respect,



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