Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Do you think we will all survive if Paula Abdul does not go back to American Idol? Do you think we will ever get over the fact that Michelle Obama wears shorts?? Headlines, headlines, headlines!

It amazes me what people focus on and think is important. I started to laugh to myself when the media started talking about the president’s wife in shorts (heaven forbid). I remembered back to when I was over 500 lbs and I used to think, “Thank god my father is not president!” The headlines would read: “President’s daughter caught in drive thru at McDonalds!” Ha! The only bar they would report me in would have been a salad bar.

Fast forward to today, I am at the beach and enjoying all the sights and smells of the sand and water. Do I wish I looked different in my bathing suit? Yes, but I cannot let it stop me anymore from enjoying all the things that I have put off for so many years. My bucket list will never be completed if I let my body image and negative thoughts stand in my way.

When I went back to the beach I thought to myself “the last time I went to the beach, about 20 yrs ago, I don't remember as many people being overweight. “ I think I attribute that to the digital age we live in. We are more and more sedentary and everything is getting easier to do - I do not even have to get up anymore to answer my phone because it is always within my reach. I wish I were more like the overweight people I see today because years ago I would never have dreamed of going to the beach even at the weight I am now. I let my weight hold me back from everything and that lack of activity contributed to my weight getting so high at a very early age.
I am honored that I will be speaking at the ADA Expo on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at the Javits Center in New York City. Talking about Type 2 Diabetes is very important because it is a horrible illness, but one that can often be resolved with weight loss and, in my case, bariatric surgery.

Keep doing the things you love doing and ignore the negative messages you tell yourself over and over.

Have a great week!
With love, Stacey

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julie & Julia

My boyfriend and I take turns picking movies, and this was my weekend to choose. He would never pick anything unless there was tremendous amount of violence or an FBI plot. Me? I'm easy to please, "just a little romance" and I’m happy. This weekend we saw "Julie & Julia."

My recommendation is: do not spend $12 to see Julie & Julia unless you are looking for a two and a half hour superb imitation of Julia Child from Ms. Streep. Other than my adoration of her amazing acting skills, I knew I had to prepare myself to see this film. This is the kind of movie that makes me hungry — and, if I'm not careful, can lead me into the temptation of overeating. Since I knew it centered on food, I planned our dinner for after the show and included healthy options that I knew would fill me up.

Let me tell you, it has taken a lot of hard work to get to this point. In the old days when I was over 500 lbs., just a mere Burger King commercial could send me into the car to head for a drive thru meal or two. Today I know better.

Do you know what your temptations are? Do cues such as seeing culinary shows and movies send you to food? Can the smell of cinnamon buns piping into the mall or IKEA's meatballs send you into a food tail spin? In my case, the answer is YES, and it has proven over and over again in my life.

When I first started to lose weight I consciously flipped past the food commercials until I felt stronger. I'm not saying you should wear nose plugs in the mall or stop watching TV, but it certainly would not hurt to shop with a supportive friend.

It was around the time I had my gastric bypass that I started watching the Food Network. I would watch it with very good intentions. First I watched all the healthy recipe shows, then I would watch other shows and try to make fattening recipes into healthy ones on my own. Even with these good intentions, by the end of the show I always was eating. Although I was having healthy snacks like 100 calorie bags of popcorn, I was snacking nevertheless.

I think it's important to be aware that there are food temptations out there. The phrase "will power" does not just mean having the will to say no; it also means having the presence of mind to know when there is a situation you should avoid.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and know I am wishing you as little temptation — and as much will power — as possible.

With love, Stacey

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Recipe for Success

When I was recovering after gastric bypass surgery, I always looked for foods that would not hurt my stomach going down, and had a lot of protein. You cannot eat a lot the first few months after surgery, but you must make sure you eat a high level of protein during that time, and for the rest of your life. In fact, they gave us a rule to use for the rest of our lives — always eat in this order:


The reason for this rule is so that when you get full, at least you know you ate the most important thing (protein).

From time to time, I will put some of my favorite protein-rich recipes on my blog, and I hope you will share yours with me!

I love this one so much that, even seven years after surgery, I continue making it. During the first few months post-surgery, this can be a whole meal! After that, supplement with a green salad or your favorite steamed veggies.

Bariatric Egg Drop Tomato Soup
One can low sodium tomato soup
Eggs — one or two
Cooking spray

Spray the bottom of a saucepan with cooking spray and then fry your eggs right out of the shell (do not add water or milk). When done frying, add the can of tomato soup and half soup can of water. Cook until hot and bubbly.

It's "mmm mmm good!"