Friday, September 4, 2009


It is important to let you know that the first 300 pounds I lost I dined out for 50% of my meals. My reason is it was easier for me to eat out than deal with leftovers. I had a whole procedure. Usually, I never asked for a menu because seeing one was too enticing. When I went to a restaurant, I always knew beforehand what I would order. When the waiter came to the table I requested a takeout box with the food order. Before eating, I divided the meal into two portions and took one home. All sauces and dressings were on the side.
My New York haunts pre-surgery were places I could go and eat in the car like McDonald’s on Tenth Ave. – it’s the only drive through in New York City! I would go to the window and order about $40 worth of food, eat half in my car and would sneak into my apartment with the rest.
Since I crave sweets, I would get out of the car to go to specialty cupcake stores – they were my target places. I did not go to most restaurants because I could not fit in the seats. For my last binge before surgery, I insisted my friends take me to a restaurant called Cowgirls on Hudson Ave., where southern cooking is the specialty. I had to go because they have a dessert called baked potato that was my favorite. It looks like a huge potato but it is made all from ice-cream and cake. The appetizer I loved was a bag of Fritos cut open topped with sour cream chili and guacamole. Drum roll, please…..and for the main meal it was chicken fried steak.

Fast Forward
Today, I eat in several places over and over again – where I have no problems with ordering special. I love Houston’s on Park Avenue South. I order the very best peel and eat shrimp and get a great veggie burger – no bun – topped with onions and tomatoes. My current favorite food is an egg white omelet which I eat four times a week. A whole egg has 80 calories and an egg white has only 15 and still has a lot of protein. I get three different fillings each time – mushrooms, onion and peppers. It is very filling and delicious! I get whole wheat toast with jelly – no butter or margarine – as jelly has ZERO fat. Two places that I frequent to get omelets are Visage on 2nd and 7th and Velselka on 9th and 2nd.

Please share with me how you eat healthy when you eat out!

Warmest wishes… Stacey


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