Thursday, October 1, 2009


Thank all of you who came to the American Diabetes Expo this past Saturday at the Javits Center, I felt like the day was one gigantic hug! Years ago I wanted to attend a seminar at the Javits Center but I heard rumors that the place was as big as two football fields and at the time walking was not possible.This day would have not been possible without Covidien.They gave me the wonderful opportunity to share my story and meet with people who need the support and help just like I did.I am totally flattered that Covidien chose me to be a spokesperson for this important cause. I am happy to say that I walked that day with ease but even more happy to see how accommodating the place was and wheel chair accessible to those who wanted to come but just could not do it on foot. There was so much great information being given out, and all the latest breakthroughs to help diabetes were on display. I got to speak about how having bariatric surgery has resolved my type two diabetes and plenty of people wanted to hear my message. I was happy to meet so many Oprah fans who poured out love to me and stood on line so they could get a copy of my book.

They taped my seminar in a webinar so if you want to see it just click on the following link

I got to see an exercise craze called “Zumba” and everyone in the room was moving even if it was from a sitting down position. The music is infectious. I am going to order an exercise DVD for my mom and I because it’s the perfect thing to do to move around when you cannot get out. I was very motivated to see how many people were looking for answers for themselves and family members suffering with diabetes and obesity. I also saw a lot of success and motivation going on under one roof. Diabetes is a very serious illness and people were out to hear about hope. I believe they got it! I met a lot of new friends on Saturday and hope to see them on my blog soon. I wrote two important words in the books I signed that day and I want to share them with you. ‘HEALTH FIRST.’

All My Best,


Anonymous PB T said...

I saw you Saturday and did get a copy of your book. You were so kind and inspirational and I have to tell you that since Saturday I have had 5 great days.
Thank You
PB Thomas

You type 2 dibetitis was not only under control by the surgery but by the right choices you make daily

October 1, 2009 at 6:39 PM  
Anonymous Cynthia W said...

Dear Stacey
I watched the interview and thought you were great. I wanted to ask you how soon after the surgery did you numbers come down on your sugar to normal.
Cyntia Watkins

October 6, 2009 at 1:49 PM  

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