Monday, November 30, 2009

Then and Now

This Thanksgiving, while I on my way to my families, I had a memory of a Thanksgiving Day ten years ago. The memory, made me realize how grateful I am for my new life. A close friend of mine was making a big Thanksgiving meal for family and friends out in New Jersey. I knew I was going to be there all day and way into the night. So I packed what I thought to be important to me to have for the day. I brought my pocketbook and a shopping bag. In the bag I put ten individual Tupperware dishes, so my friend could fill them up with leftovers for me to take home. I was not going to take a chance that he would run out of takeout dishes. The other item in the bag was a hand held shower massager that I had someone take out of my shower so I could bring it with me. At that time, I was so big that I could not take care of myself after I went to the bathroom, I needed to bring the hose to hook up in my friends shower so that I could wash myself throughout the day. This memory boggles my mind, because it is not an isolated incident, this was the way I was used to living.

Fast forward now to ten years later to this past Thanksgiving, the only thing I brought to my families was my pocketbook and a hostess gift. It was an effortless day of playing with my 2 yr old cousin and helping to clean the table after dinner. I did not have to worry about anything. I am so happy to have been a dinner guest as opposed to having it myself, because of one thing LEFTOVERS! If I ever make Thanksgiving, I will assure you that all the food will be packed to go for those who came. The only thing I would keep is the turkey and the veggies. I know my weaknesses. Some people pride themselves on being able to handle leftovers, but not me, no way no how. I am glad that I know myself that well after all these years and I am very happy to enjoy a holiday, and not have to eat the whole next week. Hope that you had a great thanksgiving and enjoy all the upcoming holidays. With love, Stacey

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living or Dying?

Many years ago, someone asked me a question that has stayed in my mind for all this time. I have asked myself this question often over the years. They said “Stacey, are you working on living or dying today?” At the moment I was shocked, and did not even know what they meant, but now I do.

Each day we either do things that is for our well being or not. Every day we have to make choices and sometimes those choices do not support us living a happy and healthy life. If I am eating out of control, obviously that is not working on living. If I choose to stay in bed all day or tell myself I cannot exercise because I am disabled, then I am not working on living. You know what the good news is, with very little effort you can do a few things each day that means you are working on living. If the first day you just start with ten minutes of exercise when you have not done anything in a long time, if you send out two job resumes, if you eat one healthy meal out of three, well then you did more than you did yesterday . I try to do at least three things each day that will move me toward the future I desire. Am I always successful? No, however, I am much more successful than I use to be. You will be surprised how much better you get when you really make a conscious effort. Feeling proud of yourself at the end of the day, makes your next day better and it works like the domino theory. So I ask you are you working on living or dying today?

Thanksgiving Day tip: Eat all the turkey you want. Protein will fill you up. If you want cake have turkey. If you want cookies have turkey. On that day do not worry about eating too much turkey. The scale will reflect carbs way more than turkey ( sans stuffing of course) wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and wish me luck because I’m a shopping addict and black Friday is coming ! Oh no! LOVE STACEY

Monday, November 16, 2009

Here comes turkey

"Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil". Who knew that I would be
thinking about food when I heard that quote. Here we go--one week until the floodgates open up all over the place. Four months of severe temptations and then we womder why we feel and look so terrible by the time summer rolls around.

This year I am going to have a new focus. I will exercise instead of obsessing about
what I will not eat at the holiday tables. My new focus will be shifted to when I can walk, when I can walk to the dog park and when I can get outside and push myself
away from the table. I will not dwell on guilt. Instead, my goal will be to move. In place of shooting the breeze in my cousin's room, I will go outdoors with her and chat while we walk. I'm overwhelmed figuring out what I can and cannot eat. This year I'm going to have one plate of whatever I desire and stop.

Lately, I have realized that taking my dog to the dog run is as therapeutic for me as seeing my shrink---just different. It is both exercise and a social event that
calms me and makes me feel at peace.

Find what makes you feel peaceful and less tempted to eat. Let's not feel guilty about food. Keep moving and do your best to make healthy choices. If we eat too much, then we'll walk more or do whatever exercise you choose. Forget that thinking that tells us that if we eat, we blow it all, because that type of thinking is what
stops us. I said it in my book and it is worth repeating---nobody got fat from one binge--never!!! Let me know how you are going to handle the holidays.

With love,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tushys day to shine

Here is a photo of my dog Tushy,dressed for his first Halloween as a dinosaur. He made everyone from a small child to an elderly man smile that day. I took him to the dog park in my neighborhood of Manhattan and we had a ball. Spending time with my dog not only relaxes me, it also reduces my blood pressure. I take him every place that dogs are permitted, anywhere from Bloomingdales to a
local bar.

This was an emotionally rough week, worrying about my mom. In the end, they did not find any more cancer cells and she is in stage one, That is great news compared to the other possible alternatives.
I'm happy to say that she will be around for a long time and we can have many mother-daughter arguments as well as a lot of shopping time and pleasurable moments.

Have a great week and cherish the things in your life that reduce your stress level.

Love, Stacey

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room while my mom is undergoing surgery. In my heart, I know that she will be okay and I never doubted that for a minute but I feel badly that she has to go through all of this. Another part of me is grateful that I am able to be here for her. When I was in my larger non-walking days, I could not have been there for anyone even if I wanted to. It's a very good feeling to go from the person who counted on everyone to the person who can be counted on.

On another note, I went to see the Michael Jackson movie and I was totally blown away by his talent . As a person who has always suffered from depression and an eating disorder, I wanted to see if watching Michael in his final days would give any clues to his anorexia and depression. Many times when I watched him being interviewed, he had the saddest
eyes I had ever seen, In this movie there was not single sign that his life was almost over. There was none of the sadness from previous interviews. He cleverly hid his thin body
with layers of clothing. Then, it dawned on me that when he was on stage there was no sign of sadness because he was in the one place that made him happy------the stage.
Although the movie was uplifting, you could not help but leave the theatre with a sense of great loss. The world will certainly miss out on at least 20 years more of the Michael
Jackson magic.

Have a great week and make some of your own magic.