Tuesday, March 30, 2010

passover and easter the "food revolution"

Happy Passover and Easter to all my friends.

I have always associated holidays with food, I know the matzo ball holiday is Passover and the blintzes holiday is Hanukkah. I am also well aware that marshmallow peeps means Easter.

Why are holidays always associated with tons of food? I watched the television show with Jamie Oliver “Food Revolution’ and all I can say is it is about time. When he showed that pizza was being served to little kids in school as breakfast, I was truly appalled. This country has to wake up and realize we cannot get caught up in the red tape of life anymore. People's excuses for doing bad things, is that it has been done that way for years. On the show, Jamie showed kids vegetables and asked them to name them and they could not, however, they could name French fries and chicken nuggets…how sad.

We are raising our children to die young from major illnesses. I am so happy that www.OurResolution.com is getting very involved with children diabetes and other problems associated with childhood obesity, I so look forward to getting more and more involved with kids and going to camp this summer will help me to learn a lot. We need to all remember why we are celebrating the holiday, more then what we are eating. Hope you are well With love Stacey

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Are you a coffee snob? I think I have become one, before I moved into Manhattan 10 yrs ago, coffee was just something to wash down cake with. In fact, I filled the cup almost all the way with milk then topped it with a little coffee. Then when I started losing weight coffee became dessert for me. I would look forward to iced coffee with skim milk and lots of splenda.

Pre Manhattan days I would not have known the difference between Starbucks, Duncan Donuts, or the deli. Let’s just say when it came to the topic of coffee I was not chock full of knowledge HA HA!

Then when I became more mobile and was able to walk, one day I was served a superb cup of coffee and it felt like I tasted coffee for the first time. I used to frequent a place on my block called The Mercury Dime, they were the first to serve me a great cup of coffee. Going to a coffee shop in Manhattan is a whole social scene and you find yourself in a lot of interesting conversations, I got to know all the people on the street I live when I went to The Dime. Since The Dime closed I can no longer just walk into my local deli for coffee. I was in search of the perfect cup and I found it a little out of my neighborhood. on 7th street in the East Village a place called Abraco. The first day I walked up to the cute man Jamie behind the counter and said "I’ll have an ice latte" and he said no you have to have the ice coffee and I said yes to his boldness, even though I thought latte would be better. He handed me the iced concoction and one sip on the straw and I knew I found my place. This place is standing room only on the inside and out and although I prefer a place to sit I cannot stop taking my daily walk to Abraco. My dog Tush and I find someone's stoop to hang out on or we sit on the little bench outside. Liz the cook can turn an ordinary vegetable into gold. They only use natural ingredients in everything. I find myself talking one day outside to a couple from Switzerland and the next day to a guy from London, I ask these people how they found this place when they are from out of town and they tell me they know some local coffee snobs themselves. So if you are in the East Village you must stop by. Enough coffee tawk! WITH LOVE STACEY

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

weighty matters

Spring ahead fall back, yes, we have changed into brighter and longer days. It has been five weeks since I made that promise to myself that I would not talk about weight on my blog or in life for that matter; What did I learn?, to be honest not much. I learned what I already knew, and that was weight is my main passion. People want to talk to me about it and they proved it by sending me emails. Does that mean that is all I can talk about, certainly not, I am full of all sorts of subjects.

Not talking about weight is like asking Jim Carey not to be funny; it’s just what he does. I think that is the main reason people come to my blog, to hear about my story, to see if I am keeping it off and to give them hope about their own personal struggle with weight.

I noticed that talking about my weight is like other people talking about their jobs and sometimes to be honest people talk about their jobs too much. I guess it is what makes us humans feel accomplished. So in the future, I will be talking about all sorts of things but there will always be that weighty matter called my life that I feel compelled to talk about.

I bought a new pedometer, as my old one stopped working and it feels good to have it on again. I believe 10,000 steps is the goal, which is about five miles and I am up to about half of that. I am sure by the time I go to camp I will meet that goal. Have a great day, with love STACEY

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Camp Shining Stars Newsletter Special Guest News
March 2010

We are happy to announce a special guest for the summer of 2010: Stacey Halprin!

Stacey Halprin is the author of Winning After Losing, a book that relays weight loss advice from experts along with her inspirational life story about losing over 300 pounds.

DURHAM, NC, March 1, 2010-Camp Shining Stars "Where Winners LOSE," a teen weight loss camp in Eastern NC, announces Stacey Halprin will be their special guest volunteer for the summer of 2010.

Her goal this summer is to inspire young adults to have a healthy adult life with long term weight control. Halprin has appeared on Oprah a handful of times and also starred in Dresscode alongside Shirley MacLaine, Kathy Bates and Gary Sinise. Halprin will stay at Camp Shining Stars for their entire 6-week summer session. Her website is: www.StaceyHalprin.com.

Unique Teen Weight Loss Experience

"I've known Stacey for a long time and her energy is contagious," said Camp Director, Ira Green. "Campers are in for a real treat this summer. Stacey is fun and serious about long term weight loss. This is a great combination for young adults to learn from." Camp Shining Stars maintains a small size of 100 campers to foster a close-knit environment conducive with weight loss control.

Halprin will share her personal struggles and successes in addition to joining campers in their activities and dining with them. She wants to get back into shape after recent weight gain and feels campers will identify with her current battle. "I am really looking forward to meeting all the campers. Having this opportunity to submerse myself in the camp experience will be motivational for the campers and for me," said Halprin. "I am so excited for camp to begin! I feel like a kid again counting down to summer vacation."

Summer Weight Loss Camp at College

Camp Shining Stars defies the conventions of 'fat camp' by providing private, air-conditioned dormitory residences on a college campus. Camp is held annually at Barton College in Wilson, NC. Campers are aged from 11-19 and may enroll for a 3-week or 6-week summer session. Those attending the 6-week session are guaranteed to lose 7-17% of their total body weight. Camp begins on June 27th and ends on August 7th.

Camp Office Open 7 Days a Week! Call Today!

Camp Shining Stars Director: Ira Green
Phone: (866) 644-2709 or (919) 246-4865
Web Site: CampShiningStars.org
E-mail: Ira@CampShiningStars.org

"Give the Gift of a Healthier Lifestyle;
and Permanent Weight Loss;
For Your Loved Ones!"