Tuesday, March 16, 2010

weighty matters

Spring ahead fall back, yes, we have changed into brighter and longer days. It has been five weeks since I made that promise to myself that I would not talk about weight on my blog or in life for that matter; What did I learn?, to be honest not much. I learned what I already knew, and that was weight is my main passion. People want to talk to me about it and they proved it by sending me emails. Does that mean that is all I can talk about, certainly not, I am full of all sorts of subjects.

Not talking about weight is like asking Jim Carey not to be funny; it’s just what he does. I think that is the main reason people come to my blog, to hear about my story, to see if I am keeping it off and to give them hope about their own personal struggle with weight.

I noticed that talking about my weight is like other people talking about their jobs and sometimes to be honest people talk about their jobs too much. I guess it is what makes us humans feel accomplished. So in the future, I will be talking about all sorts of things but there will always be that weighty matter called my life that I feel compelled to talk about.

I bought a new pedometer, as my old one stopped working and it feels good to have it on again. I believe 10,000 steps is the goal, which is about five miles and I am up to about half of that. I am sure by the time I go to camp I will meet that goal. Have a great day, with love STACEY


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for starting a new game plan for yourself. Making realistic achievable goals before you arrive at camp is so positive.

This is a letter I send to enrolled campers prior to arriving at camp:
Game Plan Before Camp Starts

Some children, who attend a weight loss camp, believe that they should eat everything in sight now, because they know they will lose the weight gain and more at camp.

Right now is the time to start working on a Before Camp Program.

Those campers that incorporate some of these tools will be ready to adjust better during the first week at camp:
• Try to take a daily walk for ½ hour at a steady pace or go for a 3 mile bike ride.
• Be outside in the fresh air, not inside.
• Write a list of things you would like to learn and/or accomplish at camp, and bring the list to camp.
• You can weigh yourself the same day and time each week, and email Ira your weight at Ira@campshiningstars.org. This is a year-round tool successful campers have been using for years.
• Email Ira some activities that you may have done that were fun and that we could possibly use at camp.
• If you enjoy writing, start a diary.
• Take some private time for you (15 minutes) to just relax and think of the great times ahead, and the fun you will have.
• Email other campers (Camp Shining Stars has plenty of former campers who would love to hear from you and answer questions)
• Be willing to ask for help.
• Starts learning about how many calories are in certain foods that you may eat regularly.

From day one at Camp Shining Stars campers are learning the answers they can use for a Game Plan when they return home.

Here are some of the questions their game plan will answer:
• What will I do on a daily/weekly basis for exercise?
• Who will be my support system?
• What is my new food plan, how many calories should I eat now?
• How do I handle lunch at school?
• How can I balance all the things I need to do, with all my school work?
• What to do for long term success?
• How do I continue my friendships from camp?
• What if I have a relapse?
• What will be my parent’s role?
• What will be my friends/acquaintances role to help me?
• What do I do when the compliments stop?
• Do I deserve this happiness?

March 18, 2010 at 12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ira

Ira this is so brilliant. I would like to add one more thing to tell your campers. If you do not go crazy with food and gain weight until camp then at the end of camp you will be much thinner then you are at this moment. If you go crazy with food now then at camp you will be working hard to get back to the weight you are right now. Trust me i made this mistake many times in my life. I am going out the nite before camp and having the meal and dessert of my choice but until then i am going to work everyday to lose weight


March 23, 2010 at 4:39 PM  

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