Thursday, April 15, 2010

Case Study

I received a great question today written by a student, she asked, I watched a clip of you on Oprah today, in my university social psychology class. If you don't mind me asking, how did you afford your lifestyle of mass eating and in this certain interview you said you spent three days a week in bed?

I thought it was a great intuitive question and I will answer it very simply by saying, that I begged, I borrowed and I stole like any other addict, as it is the very same thing any addict would do. When an addict wants something they get it, and I talked about stealing in my book “Winning after Losing”. If you compared food to alcoholism, I was a gutter drunk. I think it’s great that this would be a topic in a psychology class who knew people would study me! Lol! Hope you are well and enjoying the spring… With love Stacey

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

" Women, Food and God"

Two weeks ago, I wrote about a place in New York, that I hang out at to have coffee and today sitting on the bench when I got there was Danny Devito, I thought I had stepped into a taxi rerun. New Yorkers, are great, they really for the most part leave the stars alone. I guess we are used to seeing them and also know that when we see them, it is usually their day off.

Yesterday, I watched Oprah and she talked about a book I must get it’s called "Women Food and God" by Geneen Roth.

We spend so much of our time thinking about our food, body images, issues and dieting, that this book teaches us to let all that go and be happy with who we are no matter what we weigh or what we eat. The funny part is that when we do this we become so free we are able to shed pounds with a lot less effort. Oprah really stressed how horrible it was the amount of time and thought that goes into this subject. We hide and avoid people and isolate ourselves which only makes the problem worse.

I want to be free of my addiction to thoughts about my body. I want this so badly I can taste it, pun intended! They will be having the author on in May to discuss the book. This whole issue really interests me because I’m sick and tired of most of my daily thoughts surrounding around the whole food issue, I want to be free to fill my mind with new things. One of my favorite cousins is getting married on July fourth in a big extravaganza of a wedding, and instead of thinking of all the fun, I’m thinking about how I should hold off and get a gown at the last minute so I can lose more weight. If I am going to diet or eat what I want that night, what my body will look like and on and on and on, it’s truly outrageous.

We really are ok today no matter what the scale says. Accept yourself at this very moment because I assure you it is the only way you can move on from here. Wishing you a week of foodless and bodiless thoughts Love Stacey