Monday, May 17, 2010

Written by camper Simone Kaye from the camp I am working at this summer!

Out of the mouth of babes!

When I am in control of my food I:

excel in academics.
free to trust myself.
free to make my own decisions.
free to finally tap into the confidence lying dormant in my once weighed down heart.
free to perservere in what I dream to accomplish.
freeto have the conviction to love myself.
free to have the courage to love others.
advance my athletic capabilities.
amplify my musical ability.
feel amazing.
wish to savor this flavor...the pure, mouthwatering flavor of happiness...of freedom....
am free.
transform into something better...something sweeter.
free to improve to reach my dreams.
to be nobody else but ME!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Say yes to the dress"

I am so excited camp is not that far off, and I am busy getting all the things I will need for it. I must remember bug spray bug spray bug spray!!!!!!

On July 4th, my cousin is getting married and is having a large wedding. Today, I bought my very first gown at Lord and Taylor and I feel like a total princess in it. The last time I had to get a gown was for my sweet 16 and I remember my mom took me to a store to have it made because there were no gowns in the stores for someone of my size. I so hated that gown, it was a plain black gown with a pretty trim and it cost my mom $850.00 to have it made and that was years ago. Then two years later I needed a gown so we took the same gown and let it out 14 inches so that it would fit me. I hated that gown so much and threw it away in anger after the event was over. The gown I bought today is stunning and I would wear it no matter what size I was, it is classy and sexy all rolled into one. The dress is bronze and I feel like a little kid staring at it on the hanger. I am hoping by July4th I will have taken it in a few inches.

I hope you are all happy and well and not having too much trouble with the heat. Have a great week. With love, Stacey