Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Summer To Remenber

Dear Readers,
As I walked out of my Manhattan apartment to catch my flight to Wilson, North Carolina, where I was to teach drama at a weight loss camp, I never fathomed being happier than I’ve been in a long time. Spending time at Camp Shining Stars for the last four weeks has instilled a sense of peace and fulfillment in me that I have long craved. I feel much appreciated as the campers listen to my story and ask me many questions on a daily basis. I pray that I can lead by example and teach them the importance of learning from mistakes and to never go as far as I went with food addiction.
As a child, I attended Weightwatchers’ Camps, where I had fun and lost a lot of weight, but I can honestly say it was no comparison to a camper’s experience here at Camp Shining Stars. The Weightwatchers’ Camps had anywhere from 400-600 campers, whereas this camp will not accept over 100. The number makes all the difference, because it allows the staff to give true dedication to each and every child, getting to know them individually, and really tending to their needs. This is a nonprofit camp and the director, Ira Green, spends every waking minute of his summer caring for the campers. As a camper, I never failed to gain back my summer weight losses, but at this camp, campers are more apt to lose weight and maintain their loss. Also, they offer a psychological component that was not available to me in my camp days. The children are able to verbally express their feelings and to learn that eating is not an effective way to deal with emotions.
For me, this experience has been ideal. I love the staff and environment, and I’m able to focus on losing my own weight, while motivating the campers to lose as well. What could be better! In addition, my dog Tushy, the love of my life, is having a ball and, believe it or not, lost a pound himself, which is incredible for a dog’s body. Ira claims he’s lost weight because he’s no longer getting scraps from my food binges. How Funny! I have a lot more to tell you all, so be sure to continue reading my blogs! Although I consider myself a diet expert, I find myself learning and even relearning valuable, life lessons at this camp. I hope you all are having a fun and meaningful summer.
With Love,