Friday, August 27, 2010

How long till happy

There is no man or dog, leading role, pair of earrings, book publication or appearance that can make me anywhere as happy as a single day of healthy eating and taking care of myself: soul and body!!! Friends, please listen to what I have to say because I think it may have a real meaning for you!!!!!

When I left to go to diet camp on June 24th, I was so unhappy and my life was falling apart in every area. Then, after seven days of clean and healthy eating a state of happiness returned to my life!! I mean it!!!!

Did my financial troubles go away-no! did my bad relationships suddenly get healed -no! Did my apartment that I left in total disarray clean itself -no! Only one single thing happened in that week that brought back my happiness: a full week of clean and healthy eating and moving more. I am not kidding you; that's all it took. One week. Slowly but surely everything else seemed more doable. I started socializing at camp instead of taking time off to be alone. I started helping others and in turn they helped me. I talked about the problems I had waiting for me at home and great ideas were thrown my way regarding how to manage those problems. I met lifelong friends and all this in a summer. Six-short-weeks!!

It may take time to lose weight but happiness returns so quickly in such an environment that your head will spin. I have a whole new outlook on life. The things I mentioned in the first line of this blog: I love those things, but they mean absolutely nothing if I’m not taking care of myself.

Something happened in the last two days that was a real reward to me. Since I’ve been on the Oprah Show a number of times over the years, I have always been recognized and always cheered on in the streets, no matter where I went. Last year was the first time in a long time that no one recognized me and I have to admit it hurt my feelings because I knew the reason why. Not only had I gained some weight, I hid all winter in a very big coat and walked with my head hung low. Over the last two days, I’ve been recognized in the streets of Manhattan once again. One lady called out on the bus today: "Hey, you’re the women from Oprah; you look great! It made me feel very proud to be recognized because I knew it meant I had taken weight off and my head was held high again! When I weighed over 500 lbs, it took till I lost 145 pounds before anyone noticed anything and even then they were not sure if I cut my hair or lost weight. Now all it took is a thirty pound weight loss!! To me that is incredible progress.

I learned this summer that just because you gain weight does not mean you have to go all the way back! I love watching Al Roker: he gained some back after gastric bypass and he lost it again. We can be like normal people who gain some weight then lose it again. My way of thinking used to be if I even gained twenty it meant I was going to gain it back plus more! Camp Shining Stars ( is the place!! It may be for children but it sure gave me the chance and the tools to get my head back on straight. I have been looking for some time for a business venture to explore. But I really found nothing I was passionate about. When I went away this summer I found a business that really sparked my interest and I’m so excited about it. In the coming months I will be sharing about it in my blog.

As I am writing this, my new favorite song just came on the radio. Alisha Keys " New York. " I am smiling from ear to ear and my smile feels contagious. To all my friends suffering with eating issues, I promise happiness could be seven days away for you too! I dare you to eat healthy for seven days and not feel happy about what you have accomplished!
I am so very grateful! I have a new start!!!
Love, Stacey