Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God I am Grateful

I call this blog “God I’m Grateful!” because sometimes you need to stop and take inventory of all of the wonderful things in your life. The holidays can be a really hectic time for some of us and for others very lonely. I think in the midst of all that stress it’s important for us to reflect on the positive.
I have been one of those people who is very lonely during the holidays. I tend to spend too much time remembering the lonely years. I have a new purpose this year though that helps me to stay positive. I will be involved in a new non-profit company that will change children’s lives. I am also writing a one-woman cabaret show about my life in front of the Oprah audience. The show will be set to music and feature some great stories, just working on it makes me happy.
I am very much in love. For all the people who say that your odds of meeting someone go down the older you get, I say, ‘if I had hope than so should you!” I didn’t even start dating until 2004 and boy was I bad at it at first! I scared many men away until I learned how to do it right. I’m starting to let more people into my life instead of keeping them at arms length. My family is relatively healthy and still around for me to love.
I can walk in the snow instead of staying in all winter until the ice melts, I don’t have to be afraid of falling because I can get myself up now without the Brooklyn fire department having to pull me up with many men and a tarp, true story. I have friends who wish that I didn’t have to tell a story like that, that wish I could let go of that part of my life. Reflecting on stories like that once in awhile helps me to know how truly grateful I am. I have a beautiful dog who licks me and makes me laugh every day without fail.
Learning to love my body after all this weight loss and gain, plastic surgery and scars, has been a process, but I can honestly tell you I have come a long way baby! I can look at myself naked in the mirror and am no longer disgusted or feeling like I want to cry. I even at times feel very sexy!
I am so grateful for my friends and fans and all of the people who support me on Facebook, both old friends and new.
So there you have it, Stacey is going into 2011 with a grateful list. What makes you grateful? If you don’t want to tell me, than promise me that you will tell yourself. I am going to try and complain less this year. Last, but not least, I am grateful that you spent a moment of your life to come to my website. Wow, I am lucky!
With love and support!


Blogger Bringing Pretty Back said...

Stacey, For some reason I read your posts and then I think about them before I comment. They always make me think . I am still very seriously thinking about your last post about what we would do if we knew we would not fail. I turned 42 a week ago and I am at that age to follow dreams or let them go, I am deciding what to follow and what to let fade away.
The dreams i had when I was youunger maybe aren't my dreams today. I need to sort that out. I think I am getting things clear! ( :
This post was also a great one. I understand the importance of telling the need to retell the story about you going down in Brooklyn. And other stories. it was a part of your life. Not telling it doesn't make it go away,you are helping others with your stories and you are helping yourself by keeping the memories there as to not go back to where you came from.
I am so happy for you that you met someone and fell in love! I met the love of my life at 15 so I don't know the feeling of searching for love, but i know the feeling of being in love!
I love that you are writing a one woman cabaret show! I promise you this... I WILL be there in the audience when you perform it! I can NOT wait! What you are doing for children is amazing. We do have a lot to be grateful about don't we.
Have a pretty day Stacey,

October 31, 2010 at 9:59 PM  
Blogger Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Stacy, I have been reading your book and wanted to begin a lifestyle that prevented me from eating the foods not good for me. Just wanted to see what it would take to maintain an appropriate weight to stay healthy now that I'm older. As a result I lost several pounds and have never felt better. I am grateful that you share strategies that work.

All the best with your new found love.

February 1, 2011 at 8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for reminding me to be grateful! It's something I need to be reminded of often. :)


March 2, 2011 at 4:06 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...


November 14, 2011 at 10:25 AM  

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